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Packing and Moving Tips

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If you want to make moving easier, there are some practical things that you have to consider while carrying out a move. When you follow them, it will settle things less stressful and easier on you.

#1.Start to organize your move around 4 weeks prior to the big day

Give movers a call and confirm your move ahead to make things run smoothly. Start collecting packing supplies like tape, boxes and papers to wrap up things

#2.Start packing around 2 weeks before the moving day

Pack clothing and non-essential items that none of them you will want in the next 2 weeks. Make sure to label packages and boxes to make unpacking trouble-free later on. Prepare for disconnection of electricity, internet, phone and other services and set them up back again at your new destination.

It is also a right time to seek family and friends to help with the move, packing or watching after pets and children. Also start thinking about items that you want to be moved and those that you can handle yourself.

#3.Complete the packing on the week of your move

Pack up televisions, computers and other fragile equipments with care. If you are quite busy, you can make use of pre-packing service. Keep safer all the essential documents, including passports in the safer place. Remember cancelling the home delivery services like newspapers and also cleaning as well as lawn-mowing services.

On the big day

Ensure setting aside few essentials to manage first few hours at your new place, like drinks, snacks, a kettle, cleaning materials, coffee and some tea. Strip the beds, disconnect all electronic appliances and ensure the home is clean. You can always consider hiring a cleaner to lessen your workload. Perform one final check as the movers load your packages. It is a better idea to remain in the house till the last item is packed.